My first Pop production after a long break

Hey there,

i just wrote something for a competition.
Started collecting ideas in Cubasis and finished it in Cubase Artist 7.
It´s with german lyrics, that are not written by me
(the task was to compose the music to the given lyrics).
I´m not really statisfied with the Sound at all; but I had to do the singing (with a Little cold) and the mixing / mastering in just an evening to meet the competition deadline. Feedback welcome!


Hi, production is ok though the snare becomes a little insipid during the chorus…could maybe be eq’d differently around there…didn’t understand a word of course but lyrics are not the first thing i listen to…vox was a little dry for me but good work all the same…Kevin

Hi Kevin,

thanks for your reply and your valuation!
I´ll keep your hints in mind for the next try.

Immediately the strings at the intro just don’t have the dynamic expression with peaking, dipping, swelling and constant subtle changes that a real human would do. Yeah, they’re samples but if you just start from say 20-30 dynamic and swell them up to like 60-70 (or at that kind of interval, maybe slightly less of a gap) over like 2 bars and then back down it really makes a lot of difference toward the listener thinking they are real. The note choices fit well enough.

Kinda hard to comment on how well the tone of the music fits the lyrics given that the little German I remember from school is stuff like “wo wohnst du? mit dem flugzeug.” I only really know basic phrases to get around if I were ever lost there lol.

I thought the music was fine overall, fairly upbeat with some nice moving bass parts. But at like 2:39 there seems to be an uncomfortable harmony clash that, to my ears at least, just isn’t pleasant: perhaps it fits the lyrical message/tone?

Production sounded good enough to me. Nothing that really caught my attention enough to comment on, aside from the strings.

Good luck with the competition, hope it goes well.