My first serious crash

I’ve never had this happen before. Comments anyone? It happened while closing a project in Cubase. Thanks.

“Safe Start Mode after unexpected exit…”

Introduced in 10.5.20.

I’m assuming you’re asking why you’re seeing this window (vs. why the crash happened).

Thanks, Kelp. Actually, I was curious about why the crash. I’ll read the link.

Okay, I read the link and it would seem that the box is a report about why the crash happened. In my case, it was due to Groove Agent’s failure to execute its .dll file. I reloaded Cubase after the crash and everything worked fine.

I guess Steinberg wants me to send them the log file if the issue persists. I get it now. It’s actually a good move on Steinberg’s part. Thanks again for the help, Kelp!