My first song produced with Cubase 12 was released

Hello! My latest release “Let it go” is available on all the streaming platforms!

It was totally produced in Cubase 12. I used Groove Agent and some stock plugins. Dual filter a lot!

I appreciate your feedback!

Nice, easy groove here. I’m starting to hate category labels. When I saw this was categorized as “hip-hop” it took a leap for me to listen (I’m not a hip-hop fan). My leap was inspired by wanting to hear what you came up with using Cubase 12. I was happily surprised by what I heard. Definitely what I’d call a modern urban groove, but no rap- and that’s what the genre name conjures up for me. It actually reminded me of Simply Red’s take on Neil Young’s Mellow My Mind from about 20 years ago (that’s a good thing).
Did you find any big differences with 12? Any new bells and whistles worth knowing about? Was there any problem issue?
Regarding this song, and your music. I like this. Good luck with it all.

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Thank you for you nice words John!

I found that cubase 12 is more stable than 11, beside the fact is slightly slower at exporting tracks. The transitions was not so soft because importing my old profile from 11 came with some bugs but after I created a new profile and rearranged my workflow everything was great. I think that audio to chord track is a great time saver and works very well! Also, the new midi editor integration is great! There are also 2 new plugins but I think Steinberg should concentrate more on daws and not plugins since they are already plugins that are doing the same thing much faster and easier. I don’t see such a difference between cubase 11 and 12, but probably I was aspecting much more! The new license system is not a new feature is a system that need it to be corrected a lot of time ago and you will still need it if you have any other Steinberg software. If you like the audio to chord track feature and the midi remote integration do the upgrade, otherwise you won’t see any changes!

I dig it. What did you use on the main buss?

Nice vamp going there. Almost Smooth Jazz kinda thing

I like it! Nice head-nodding groove.

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Thank you, i apreciate your feedback! :pray:

Nice instrumental, smoky jazzy atmosphere, late night chill feel…

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Thank you! I appreciate your feedback!