My first thoughts on Cubase 7...

…just my opinion…

Well, finally got around to installing Cubase 7. I bought it in December and have been afraid to install it from reading all the stories from other users. Keeping mind that I have been using Cubase since the old “Cubase SX” days. I know Cubase extremely well. So my first reaction to Cubase 7 is “Well, I guess this is going to take some time to get used to.” It’s different, but ok. I hope all these Mixer bugs will be fixed soon. They are making Cubase 7 unusable for me. This “mysterious” resizing mixer is driving me bonkers… I wonder why Steinberg decided to change some ways of doing things? …like how you insert a VST… I wish there was a way to make Cubase 7 mixer behave the same way as Cubase 6…

…just my opinion…


Think when you get used to it you do not wanna go back. Think you will find it saves you time through better workflows. Is it perfect? No. Does it have bugs? YES!!! But this 7 is the start of a new aera in the Cubase history. I see this as a giant leap forward. I’m looking forward to 7.4 and 7.5 and 8 and… based on this CB7 design and workflow.
There will always be people reluctant to change. I have seen “bug report” on this forum that could be solved just by reading the manual. I have seen dislikes after “5 minutes” of use. I use Cubase, Logic Pro and Reaper (and sometimes even Reason). I have taken the time to know them, necessary because they behave differently. Things I found stange and unfamiliar are turned to knowledge and admiration. CB7 is different from 6 in many ways. To me much better! But I have taken the time with the manual, and the forum, and almost every tutorial available. NOW it is in my fingers. NOW it is my new workflow. NOW it is my preferred DAW of all times.

Installing Cubase 7 didn’t remove Cubase 6 from your computer. You could have started investigating 7 right from day 1.

Seems a bit of an odd move to purchase something and then bury it out of abject fear that it may not work B-)

Any way each their own…

C7 is working fine here, but as mentioned above perfection is a little way off.

Hope it works for you.

Some of us have used it since it’s pre-Cubase incarnation, Pro-24 on an Atari ST!

I’m not a pro user (just an old one!) and get on OK with 7. I’ll stick with it and hopefully it’s little “features” get ironed out soon.

Aloha guys
just to chime in on this,

Tonight I used C7 for the first time in a live situation.

Except for that ‘mixer re-draw’ prob (which turned out to be very manageable on stage)
the app was flawless.

Load times were very quick and man, I LOVE HERMODE TUNING!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Get 20-30 synth parts going, turn on HT and listen how things just ‘tighten up’.


Errr … saves time ???
I will always love to go back to ‘one click’ from ‘double click’ !
I will always love to go back to ‘auto_sub-menu_expand’ from ‘click_micro_"+"_to_expand’
I will always love to go back to ‘mouse click’ from ‘alt+mouse click’
I will always love to go back to ‘see_all_send_values at a glance’
from ‘hover_the_mouse_over_a_whole_screen_back_and_forth’

… much enhanced work**s**low … yet again !

And I love to go back there so much … that I simply did !


This I 100% agree with.

I find the Mixconsole coming along nicely. Only two things really that really bother me.

1.) The actually spelling of mono/stereo is quite ugly and tacky. I am still hoping this will be changed to the single/double ‘circle’ icons every previous version of Cubase used.

2.) I can’t stand how one cannot set up a default template for the Mixconsole to open up with at the start of a new project. I have my Mixconsole set up the same way for each project and having to manually add and remove portions, adjust the sizing, omit visible channel types etc is a real time waster. Can we please setup the Mixconsole the way we like and save it so it loads just as we set it each time we load up Cubase?

If the above two are done, I will find the Mixconsole just about perfect for my needs.

The Hermode tuning certainly does tighten things up quite nicely, I noticed this straight away and have used it on each and every project since.

To add to the list :

I will always love a customizable grid and buttons display (with 3 setting corsors for the vertical lines and 1 for the horizontal ones)
I will always love a sober project cursor without a white mask
I will always love a mixer behaving without glitches
I will always love a reasonable amount of time spent waiting projects to be loaded
I will always love a reasonable resources amount used
I will always love really usable features (ASIO guard, RCE, anyone ?)

List not exhaustive. And I also love to use what was previously existing before this half-baked seventh Cubase generation…

Cubase 7 not for you then ?

Indeed, at least at its present state. The first time since I bought SL2, without counting my Atari days, that I feel like loosing my time using a new version… My mistake, I admit : I was hoping a lot from the RCE ; sadly, it is useless for my setup.

And seeing all the regressions made concerning UI/workflow, I just see C7 as a huge deception and, as I guess that Steiny will keep on working in this direction, I just feel like it’s the end of the path with Cubase for me.

I’ll keep on using previous versions as longer as I can, though…

Please… No… :laughing:

Maybe it’s a leap forward in concepts and ideas, but not in execution?

Or maybe not.

The new mixer has identical workflow efficiency to the old one, but is sluggish and glitchy, making for a net loss in terms of usability. Frankly, I think Steiny’s been infiltrated by architecture astronauts.

I’m onboard (on and off, to tell the truth…) since Cubit (1989, IIRC) on the ST and I’ve had the privilege of using it on three different platforms. Of course Cubase got “lost” several times in its history, which is why since then I’ve used other DAW’s like Logic, Pro Tools and Sonar, but now I’m back almost exclusively to Cubase.

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Just took the plunge and upgraded a few days ago. Bought it fairly cheap from my favourite german online music store and went straight to 7.0.3.

Was a bit disappointed that I needed a 500mb download after installing with the disk version. A bit of a pain as my PC is nowhere near an internet connection.

Have to say I’m very happy with C7 so far. I can now play songs with loads of vsts that used to crackle and groan in Cubase 6 with barely a murmur.

There are some things that don’t seem intuitive, like how to hide midi channels in the mixer, but I’ve barely opened the manual so far so can’t complain yet.

I like where Steinberg are going with C7. My only gripe is probably the sluggish scrolling of the mixer.

I enjoy Cubase 7. Since i format hardrive and only use C7. No bluethooth mouse. Everything works. Except that the mixconsole is a Little sluggish to start and that I sometime have asio peaks but that it often because i use 32 or 64 buffer recording midi or audio. at 512 > no problems. I realised it is extremely important to have a “friendly” mouse weith the mixconsole. Then it goes fast to use EQ, Gain, HP/LP, Strip, Insert, sends.
I mix fast. The negative is your locked to Steinberg plugins.