My first track - jazzy/rockish instrumental

Hi all, I got into music as a drummer and now I finally managed to write a song all by myself. It’s the first track I ever recorded at home so I would really appreciate your feedback. The drums and the piano are midi, the bass is audio, recorded with a UR22 MkII. Best wishes!

Well, I really like this. I do like the odd meter, which just so happens to be the meter of the piece I just sent to my inner circle to review! (5 + 6 = 11). Mine will be posted soon. I can’t believe this is what I hear on the forum! There is so much creativity here! It’s a very clever tune!

Nice song! Can easily imagine a louder progressive rock/metal version with this time signature and harmony.

Always catch the exception! (Well, compiler will force it… :slight_smile: )

Thanks, Early21! I’m really looking forward to hearing yor 11/8 song :slight_smile:

Oh yes, I’m also into prog rock/metal and would love to hear this theme interpreted is such a manner.

Sounds super clean, articulate, great ideas, interesting - maybe humanize it a tad - but then I’m old fashioned. Thanks for the post.

Thanks, vegasguitars, glad you liked it. I am planning to record live drums and maybe convince someone to record a real piano as well.
In the meantime I worked a bit more on the mix and tried to remove some ‘mud’ from the bass and piano.
Here’s the new version:

Thanks - this version is even better - great job man!

That’s lovely! These are great drums; as a drummer, what vsti drums do you use? Very enjoyable tune with a real swing.


Thanks Steve! I used EZdrummer 2, the standard kit.



Nice, have a like :slight_smile:

Nice clean sounds and good mix. Could use something (another section to add interest.

Well done. Great groove off a not often heard signature.