My first

Hi, i start using cubase 13 at february 29-2024 and made some demo’s.
In 2003 i starting to use Cubase SX and in 1996 i used Sound Forge 4.0 to make samples, but i am new on this forum.

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I like! Interesting, different soundscape and cool grooves.

Thanks, enjoy it :+1:

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Musically very interesting and original, very dynamic rhythmic. I like the first of the two pieces much more.

According to my perception and the listening that I did in my musical environment, I find that the mix could be clearer in terms of equalization, I would lower the Low-Mid between 250 and 325 Hz by a few dB and I I would add a little shine in High-Mid around 4.5 and 5 kHz.

It’s very personal depending on how I listen to my environment and equipment.

Anyway, very good work!

Thanks, and your perception is good, the low frequenties are just a little to loud in this 2.
When i was testing it all, i made this, and sometimes i ware a headphone, that gives less low frequentie then my speakers.

Thanks for your advice. :+1:


If you have time, listen to this interview with Andrew Scheps and Fab Dupond (Headphones VS Speakers? Who wins?) on the Puremix website. You can register for free.

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Thanks, i shall look at it some time.
I’ll rather use speakers if i make music but somethimes headphones are indispensable in the fight against your neighbors if they want to sleep peacefully :rofl: :rofl:
Speakers always win…