my friend & Logic X

My budy has an iMac. He use garageband today I gt him to buy apogee duet 2. We have played music since teens but now he also want record at home. I am trying to make him buy cubase 7 LE for 80 euro. But he refuse. Logic is better. The standard…etc. I want to change his mind. Steinway must be mire aggressive with pro and apple PR. I want to change project with him but right now I am the one who must change daw. Not an option.

And the question is?

use what you feel best using and just make up a project with your friend for importing and exporting stems

or just move over to the darkside :astonished: :astonished:

How do I pursuade him to buy cubase instead of logic. He think cubase is Hard go understand. And garageband, logic easy. I guess stems is thé way to go.

surely Cubase can’t be as hard to understand as google translate :wink:

Yes, Garageband is easier, mostly due to the fact that it is more limited. Logic is just as easy or complicated as Cubase. I have them all three. Zero work done in Garageband, perhaps 10% in Logic and the rest in CB. Think that says it all.

I believe the biggest turnoff for new (mac) users will be the hassle of dealing with a dongle/registration system.

Unfortunately, while I love Cubase, until it’s available on the Mac App Store (minus the early 2000’s dongle scheme tech), I simply can’t recommend this DAW to fellow mac users.

What is better about it being available in the Mac App store?

I do strongly disagree that the dongle should be an issue when choosing. The price difference between Logic X and Cubase 7 is perhaps a larger problem, especially since Garageband (cost zero) is mentioned as an alternative as well.

When it comes to complicated or not (as I understand was the issue) I find CB to be easier in some areas. Just to mention a couple:

The new mixer is one thing. It has improved the workflow.

Another thing is editing MIDI. The velocity editing in Logic is a hazzle compared to CB.

Loading 3. party plugs is easier in CB. (Logic tries very hard to hide them at the bottom of the screen).

There has also been questions of weather Apple will leave Logic for good. Well they now issued X, but to me it looks like they aim at a different target group.

It is difficult to avoid all kinds of authorization. Dongle makes it easier to move around on different computers (if needed). The Steinberg Key is also used for other Steinberg products like Wavelab and Halion 5. If you’re into those you will need the dongle anyway. For larger set ups the same dongle will hold the VEPro licenses to connect several computers. I find the Steinberg Dongle easier to operate than the iLok dongle. However I think that of the bigger companies, Toontracks auth. system is the winner. No dongle. Multiple computers. Great web interface.

Diehard Apple fanboys would never buy anything NOT made by Apple. That’s, unfortunately, the real reason and there’s no way you can change his mind, even if Cubase made fantastic coffee and called hookers for free… :laughing:

I’ve been a Cubase owner for 10 years now…

I think we all have to agree Logic X for $199 is like the kinda price we all wish Steinberg and other companies would sell their pro platforms for.

HUGE UPS to Cubase, I mean if I was starting all over again I’d probably go Logic, it’s the cheaper Logical choice.

Yes. I understand him. It is slick. Imac. Duet 2. Logic X. No Dongle.
I guess my old dual 2 core pc is getting old. My Steinberg Products is MR816X and can be used with logic. The softare is only halion sonic and halion symphonic Orchestra. There is an au version for thoose plugins
(but I love cubase and will stick with it)


Yes, Logic X has no dongle.
This is the reason why Logic X is already cracked, there are many people using this “free” version these days.
(for the kiddies a mac often is very expensive, then you have to save elsewhere…)
However, Cubase is uncracked. They couldn’t crack it´s dongle.
When you get such value and a great result it’s money well spent.
Thank you Steinberg!

Here´s a nice and informative thread.

A lively discussion - Logic X vs. Cubase 7 :


I say don’t.
Support him in his efforts to make art by making music.




I don´t understand why the users of daw´s are so insecure when the competition releases something new.

A rapid and functional expansion of developement at Steinberg these days, further much more user friendly than Apple it does.
We know: Apple is only interested in hardware sales (!), and the professional audio users on mac were neglected since years.

For me Logic X was a disappointing release.
Is this all, after so many years of stagnation? Apple tries to recreate Cubase. See the “new” features of Logic X…

As a professional user I would rather trust Steinberg.




Please stop making these Logic versus Cubase threads because eventually it derails into a discussion about Macs, which is a lame discussion to begin with.