My grace period is about to expire?

So little window pops informing me my grace period is about to expire. 4 days left. Lovely!! I have my recipt and thought all was cool. I assumed everything was cool.

Proper nightmare as I am finalising a couple of albums.

I tried to upgrade my E licence to allow me to add Cubase 12 pro, and noticed my Cubase Pro 11 now says (Not Upgradeable) next to it now. It definitely did not have this there before.

Any help appreciated.

Literal Grace Periods don’t expire. What’s does the dialog say verbatim? Or post an image so it can be fully understood. Have you read the new licensing faq? It’s really necessary.

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Now you have to use the Steinberg Licensing.
Your licence is already upgraded to C12. You need to log in with your MySteinberg credentials into the activation manager to get synced to the account. See attached link.

Change the language to your preferred one.

That just means you can’t use that specific Cubase 11 License to upgrade to Cubase 12 because it has already been used for that purpose.

  • You 've already upgraded the license to C12.
  • You have not yet activated your computer to use that license.
  • Even though you have not activated C12 on your computer, it will still run for a limited time unactivated
  • The notice you got was telling this limited time is running out
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Thank you lovelies, upgraded to the new EEEEEE licence and all good.

Thank you again, you gorgeous people.