My greatest wish for the future of MIDI Remote

Dear developers from Steinberg,

here is my greatest wish for the future of MIDI Remote.
This has already been discussed, but I’ll repeat it again.

I want an easy to use (unique) property mTrackId, so that a code snippet like this is possible:
(It would be no problem, if mTrackId is a float value between 0 and 1.)

   = deviceDriver.mSurface.makeCustomValueVariable('customvar_TrackId')
var old_TrackId
var new_TrackId
// do something with the actual Track
// save the actual TrackId
old_TrackId = x.customvar_TrackId.getProcessValue(activeDevice)
// select Track with Id 50 (if possible)
new_TrackId = 50
x.customvar_TrackId.setProcessValue(activeDevice, new_TrackId)
// do something with the Track with TrackId 50
// select the old Track
x.customvar_TrackId.setProcessValue(activeDevice, old_TrackId)

I’m not interested in any workarounds or tricky special solutions for this.
I want it clear and easy - like in real life. :innocent:

Of couse, I know, that this is not realized at the moment because MIDI Remote is based on the existing key commands, etc…
However, if you were to fulfill this wish, very interesting things would be possible for advanced programmers.

Best regards

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I am sure you would do nice things with this, but I am a ‘non-java script capable’ person.
I hope your idea is implemented …
Thanks for all your work on the Faderport script!

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My greatest wish for the future of MIDI Remote would be, that it delivers what was promised by the announcements. It is galaxies away from that and is more a fraud than anything else for me.

It would also be great, to reduce the amount of scripting to a absolute minimum and to add the promised functionality to the mapping editor, so that every user could do something and not only a very, very few people. Last but not least, it should be possible, that if scripting is needed for whatever stupid reason, a user doesn’t need to start from scratch ENTIRELY with a whole new script and to script things, that where perfectly fine by doing them with the mapping editor.

In other words: mapping editor and ANY scripting should be compatible and NOT two separate things.

The more I think about it, remove the Midi remote entirely, would be my biggest wish, that would be fair.



Please, add the optional feature-request tag to your thread.


There is an easy solution: don’t use it. :wink:

That is already the case, but I am still very envious to all the existing scripts, because my device is not included and I have not much hope it will be ever added , thanks to you Martin.

Hi u-man,

I’ve put over 1000 hours into developing a script that I’m offering here for free. That’s over $100,000 for free that I could earn doing something else. And now you come along and argue that it’s “fair” that nobody should be allowed to use it? Or have I misunderstood you?

I don’t share your opinion that MIDI Remote is bad because it requires programming experience. Then you could also say that Cubase as a whole is bad because you can only use it if you know something about music.

It’s quite simple. The introduction of MIDI Remote has the consequence that it becomes clear which devices are the most suitable for Cubase, because from the programmer’s point of view the motivation to invest more effort is there.

I advise you to simply wait and see how the whole MIDI Remote issue develops and then take your time to think about which scripts will be available for which device and then decide which device suits you best.

Best regards
CKB :innocent:

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Yes, but No.
A script does not necessarily prevent the user to further add functionality through mapping.
It would indeed be nice that ‘mapping’ would be translated in a script.
What device are you working with? In my opinion the mapping for MIDI remote is easy enough and allows me to do everything I need. (I use a Komplete Kontrol S61 )

I have maximum respect for your work and your script. How about I send you my device (I have two of them) and you help developing a script for it? I can help you with anything regarding the device. As a reward, you can keep the device in exchange of a working script.

Can not agree to this, that it becomes clear, what is the most suitable device for Cubase. This depends highly in what scripters have at their hands, IMHO. See above.

I already waited three years. Still no NEW functionality for very basic functions in the mapping editor of the midi remote.

I use a Mackie C4 device. The mapping is not the problem (even if it is very limited that way), the problem are the displays, that aren’t supported by the mapping editor. If I want to use the displays , I can not use mapping editor anymore and would need to script that too. Same goes for the feedback on the LED rings of the encoders.

Hi u-man,

there is a user m.c here in the forum who creates very good scripts for several devices.

Maybe he is interested in your device and would program something for it and maybe you can ask him.

Otherwise, good luck.