My Groove Agent is missing some buttons

Noob Here - Five days into my Cubase learning curve. I’m watching a tutorial about Groove Agent by MTT (Music Tech Tuition) on Youtube and he’s telling me to use the Toggle Setting on Play Mode for something he’s demonstrating and I notice I don’t have one, or any of the other controls in that row! What’s up with this? How do I fix it?
Here’s a screenshot of the vid, followed by my screen. Both Groove Agent SE 5.

…thanks in advance.

I think it might be related to the ‘Exclusive Mode’ being made available when you ‘Show Pad Settings’ (see here on pg. 53 under ‘Pad Settings’):

I can see in the video screen cap you included that this ‘Exclusive’ box is engaged. I used that term and also ‘Play Mode’ which I can also see there to look through the Groove Agent SE manual:

Looks like you need to press this in:

It doesn’t appear engaged on your view:


You need to click the “Show Pad Settings” icon (the gear in the middle on the far right).


(That’s pretty obscure, and on top of that, it’s a gear-icon, which in the UX/UI world is a pretty universal symbol for “settings”. Professionally, I’m a member of ACM/SIGCHI and UXPA - two of the world’s largest organisations for user-interface and interaction-design professionals, so when I say that’s a bad UI design that’s a professional opinion. A good user experience is a job for an interaction-design professional; too many companies think they can hand it off to a common software engineer. A good UI should be intuitively obvious and not present any surprises.)

Thanks again.

Yeah I believe it’s a DAW made by engineers with engineer types in mind. There are a lot of knobs and switches.

It’s a tough balance though between the endless desires of users who want more options/control and those who want a simple interface that still does everything they need.

People are different learners too (I have a background in tertiary education) so I believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ for everybody. One person’s idea of intuitive could be another person’s unintuitive so I guess that balance is always a tightrope for any company but this one sways more towards adding more features.

However, this is the most negative forum I have ever seen and it causes me quite a lot of mental angst so I try to make it a better place by helping people out where I can as I am on a learning path with this software too and and I’m happy to learn more about it and share what I have figured out with others.

I can only afford Elements though but it it is enough for my purposes.