My Halion is hosted by VEP Server on a Different computer

Hi everyone.
I am excited about getting Dorico - been using Sibelius and am excited about using Halion Orchestra (and other Halion sounds) with it.

My situation is this: I have 3 64 Bit Windows 7 machines, each with VEP Server installed and connected via a GB switch. I have a ton of EW sounds spread around between the three machines, and on one of them I have my Halion Orchestra and Halion sound libraries.

On my main machine I use Cubase 8.5.

My question: I want to install Dorico on my main machine, but keep all of the Halion sound libraries where they are. Is this possible with the single machine usage that Dorico currently enforces? Also, even if the Halion libraries were on the same machine, can/will Dorico be able to access them properly if they are hosted by Viena Ensemble Pro Server?

Thanks for any/all input and I am excited about getting into Dorico!

The license for the HALion sounds included with Dorico is part of the Dorico license itself, so even leaving aside the issue of Dorico talking to HALion via VEP over the network, which I’m pretty sure would not work in the same way that Dorico can currently load sounds automatically into HALion (since Dorico wouldn’t know it was talking to HALion, it would only know it was talking to VEP), the license for the content is only on the computer on which Dorico itself is installed, I’m afraid.