My HD500X sounds different ... after a track is made

… the HD500X is up to date & the same for Cubase & Windows 10 …
Is the problem is from the HD500X or Cubase ?
My headphone is always connected on my HD500X both listening and recording
The problem is this ; when i play guitar on my HD500X the sound is good & i want that sound on the recording tracks !
But it’s not the case …it’s too different !
After the recording the sound is very different!
The EQ on the HD500X is disable.
I use Cubase pro 10.5.20, Windows 10 (64 bits) (1909) & of course the HD500X as audio interface … every plugings & EQ are disable on Cubase to get the sound of the HD500X…but the sound is still different after a new track is done !
Yet, I want the same sound … how to get it ?

Are you recording stereo or mono? Do you use HD500X analog outs or S/PDIF? If you listen with headphones while playing what do you use to listen to the recorded track?