My Helix ASIO isn't showing up in Cubase

I just got Cubase Artist 12 and can’t seem to find my Helix ASIO in the studio setup. I see my podgo ASIO though. I have HX Edit so I’m stuck as to why it’s not showing up. Also, my studio setup window is different looking than the other windows. It has the new look (not like an old window’s look). I hope that makes sense. I could add a pic but am new to all this so not sure if I can event do that here.
I hope someone can help!

In Studio Setup, select “Audio System” and pick your ASIO driver to the top right of this window:

It doesn’t appear in the window.

Let me rephrase, it’s not showing up as a choice of ASIO drivers.

Oddly enough it does show up as an output for speakers.

Have you restarted your computer since installing the latest version of HX Edit? Uninstalling and reinstalling HX Edit (making sure that the ASIO driver is being installed) could also help.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and it showed up. Thanks for the help.
I really appreciate it!