My input comes through my monitors clean even when I do not have CUBASE open, can I prevent this

my guitar comes through my monitors as soon as I power up my PC. This signal is present and cannot be adjusted once I open my DAW . This signal is not part of the recording process it is just a straight signal coming out of the monitors or headphones . The interface is the ''controller ‘’ for all the audio coming through the computer. IS there a way I can have the instrument inputs be inactive until the daw is opened? because when recording it is very distracting and it is very loud in comparison to the daw output .

Check the manual of your interface for something (usually) called “direct monitoring”, or maybe “input monitoring”, which is a setting that sends the input signal directly to the outputs n your interface.

I figured it out. there is a mixer that comes with the UR44C and it is active. I muted the channel on that mixer and the direct signal is gone. Simple fix lol it had nothing to do with the CUBASE program. Too bad I spent literal hours going in circles with CUBASE trying to figure it out… Thanks for the tip it was what made me dig and find that mixer. I had no Idea it was active.