My Inserts Fiasco

I have had an explanation and I had got it wrong. My apologies. Heat of the moment stuff!!!

Seems there are issues here, and with sends pre/post. Massive balls up if you ask me. Worried to start new project in 9.5 in case a fix comes later that messes things up again. Sticking with 9 for now.

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I regularly read replies from beta testers on these forums - they consistently downplay problems, even if they are glaring. I have 0 faith in the beta tester system Steinberg uses. Major stuff like this gets missed all the time, and from the replies I see, it isn’t surprising, as many of the issues people have seem to involve features that the testers are completely unaware of, or have never used.

I’m sure you’ll get a “nothing to be concerned about” reply from one specific tester within the hour.

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Hi silhouette, I’m afraid there is some misunderstanding here.
Inserts have always been 6 pre-fader and 2 post-fader (the 7th and 8th).

Cubase 9.5 loads previous projects by putting the green dividing line after the 6th slot, leaving all the slots below that post-fader.

Attached a pic of an 8.5.20 project loaded in 9.5. Is it different for you?

Pretty sure that’s just you suffering from false memory syndrome.

Either that or I’m going senile - which is most likely the case. Thank you Fabio for pointing out my error. I don’t know what I was thinking - again I expect I wasn’t.