My Korg Triton died

After 9 years my Korg triton LE61 just gave up on me. It was the only hardware synth I had. I bought it along with the add on sampler. Cost me something like 1250 euro’s back then.

To continue working I now bought a M-audio oxygen49, waaaaay cheaper, but I had no money so.
But what do you know, the keys plays as comfortable and I have more heads on control with my DAW.
I stopped using onboard sounds on the Triton anyway the last years. VST’s are much more convenient in terms of total recall and I don’t have to record.

I didn’t expect it but I don’t miss it! The Oxygen does anything I need.

Fortunately I sampled every drumsound of the Korg, so I can still use those through groove agent.
And I have the software version of the outstanding effects. (mdx)

The only thing I miss is the aftertouch :frowning:

What midikeyboards do you use for your VST instruments.
And who is still using hardware synths like the motif and Triton?

Sorry to hear about the Triton passing … :frowning:

I have a Triton Rack, along with a Kurzweil K2000R & 1200 Pro1 ( and other sound modules ) controlled by a Kurzweil PC-88

Never use VST instruments though.

The Rack version last longer I think, it sits there Idle, no banging on it with hands, I think that’s how I broke mine.

I think I appreciate workflow more then soundquality, how horrible sounds that?

For sublow synths the Triton gave me far beter results, still I used VSt’s instead (Korg MS20) because it was easier to work with.

Still I am amazed what happened in the last decade. If you put moore’s law onto it (exponential growth) then I can’t imagine how it will be in 5 years. :open_mouth:
I myself will never invest in a hardware workstation again, maybe in analogue gear, but then only if I have a lot of money to spend.

I got a Yamaha MO6 only yesterday (I should update my signature) for it’s amazing sounds and studio connections. That means I get total recall on my hardware synth :smiley:
It’s got a nice keybed but no aftertouch either. If your oxygen has an expression pedal input you could use that to generate aftertouch messages. 49 keys wouldn’t do it for me though, I’d have the mo8 if I had the space, but 61 is the absolute minimum amount of keys I need.

sorry to hear that dylan. I use my oxygen also alot but sometimes I’ll use my old hardware dx21 or korg m1. my korg died a while back but it turned out to be just the internal battery, was a hassle to open up and change but it came back to life. might not be your problem but maybe worth a check.

Yeah the poor trition. I’m still using an old DX-7 as a master keyboard and if it blows up I’ll fish out my Casio FZ-1! to replace it.

I still use a Motif ES my setup but as of late, especially since C6, I’ve been using the onboard sounds more and more. I still have an Akai S3000XL, a Roland D550, a JV1080, an Oberheim Matrix 1000, a Waldorf Pulse + and a Korg Mono/poly… but I’ve been using them less too…

Hello to the forum.

I have a Roland Sonic Cell .

In a most convenient manner you can record audio via USB and use it as a stereo audio interface.

It does not have digital outputs but I have linked it up with an ART DI/O (used with a BMC-2 and Avantone active mixcubes) and it sounds fantastic.

It did have a VST plugin editor but that stopped working as of Cubase 5 but you can use the MIDI interface with the standalone editor software.

My Triton died a couple of times too, but it was saved by the repair guys at my local service center. Not at all cheap though, but needs must. I’m a gigging musician, and rely on workstations. Not the sequencers, but a vast library of sounds in one board.
The old girl is now retired, replaced by a Fantom G7, which works wonders for live use, lots of space for samples and other fun things.

At home I use whatever is available, but mostly the Fantom. I rarely program any sounds on it for studio use, it’s mainly softsynths, which I sample later and put into the Fantom.

Oh, and it has editor software, so I can operate it from the computer, that’s very nice. The Librarian is something I can’t live without.

I’ve still got several hardware keyboards, like a D-50, a DX7-IID, an Alpha Juno 2 and more, but I hardly ever use them.
The only keyboards I use regularly are my XP-50 for the live gigs and my RD-600 as master keyboard for my VSTi’s and for the piano sounds.
All other sounds come from VSTi’s.