My last melody " Labyrinth"

Hi Everybody!
My new melody recorded with Cubase7, all sounds are from C7 , only guitars and bass played with real instruments and were recorded with mics.
Im not a professional musician , but i realy tryed to make all as nice as i could.
So here is:


Nice, very good! The fact that you are using many different instruments to express the melodies makes the track so rich. You keep the music interesting through the whole track and it never gets boring.
I really love this kind of music which is kind of progressive and interesting with some more melodic parts. You might want to check out my music which is somehow similar, I think.

Thank You!
For that song ,it was my idea do not repeat existing parts, make song all the time new, not to be “closed” to classical song shape.Music must reflex it’s title.I will listen yours now.

Unusual and interesting track, reminded me of Yes sometimes, like the eclectic approach and enjoyed it mucho…Kevin…

you did a nice job on this and kept it interesting

shadowfax - thank you for your opinion,you are right about eclectic approach.
When I started that song , basic idea came from japanese scale “Kumoi” which i was prcticed with my guitar, later i build up riff above of scale, so scale melody was gone and riff was left.And then i made some bass lines with arab “flavor” and so on… later some indochinese melody.When i was on the middle of the track i understud that it do not going to be like “normal” song at all.

Very interesting innovative sounds. Love every moment!

Thank you guys for your positive feedbacks!
Im very glad and happy that you like it.