My Latest track Dr Strange

Hi All,

I`ve had some fun with cubase and made a track I called EDM9 Dr Strange in this track also use Iconica.

Now for a purist its not EDM, but you can dance to it (if you are chilled out) and its electronic music so I called it EDM.

If you happens to visit the song page you can also see a nice picture of Norway (My motherland :slight_smile: )


Hi Tor-Bjarne,I love the Norway picture. You put a nice track together. Was that you playing guitar in the beginning? I don’t claim to know much about what EDM requires these days, but I enjoyed, so keep posting your tracks!

Hey Tor Bjarne!
I’m not an EDM specialist at all…That’s said, I think the best and original part was the beginning with the Guitar. From my point of view, you should dig more on it. The atmosphere created with the guitar opposition is really cool.
If I were in your shoes, I would also add some drum beats toward the end of the track.

PS: Norway seems peaceful. Love it!

Hi Early21,

Yes, it was me playing (a real) guitar :slight_smile:


Hi Stepco,

Yes, I should probably dig into it and change the tune - but I tend to be finished (or bored out) of my own tune after working with it after some time and I move on :slight_smile:

I`m not seeking any fame as this is just a hobby, so I just record ideas and have a lot of fun doing so.

Yes, Norway is peaceful and nice (I think)