My license became "educational"???

Hi, I received 46 emails from Steinberg during last night with the update info and serials for Nuendo 5.5 and NEK 5.5. Thank You! This is kinda funny, what actually makes me worried is the fact, that you sent me EDU serial numbers and my license is and always has been for the full version - had to check my Nuendo cardboard boxes on the shelf and mysteinberg account and it’s not EDU version really. It makes me wondering whether or not should I give the update a shot because I don’t want to screw up my license.

Thanks for help.


Ok, just noticed the other threads. Sorry for the new one, but hey, couldn’t we afford couple more… :slight_smile:
Also, I’ve noticed that I have 2 sets of activation codes, both for Nuendo and NEK. Does it mean that from now on I can use Nuendo on 2 computers? That’d be awsome news!