My license has been disappeared from my dongle.

The issue is as follow:
In my company, we have several WAVELABs.
The Operating System is WIndows XP (:-(.
We bought a bunch of licenses on “Wavelab 6” some years ago, later we bought some Updates from 6 to 7 which were installed properly. After that, we are working with no incidents until now.

The problem is that now we have been needing to format some of those equipments. to Re-Install again a clean Windows XP (:-(.

After that, now Is not possible make work again WAVELAB in any machine because, it seems, there is no license inside the dongle. At least that said the License Control Center of Syncrosoft.

Someone could help me?


Did you install the latest version of the eLicenser software for your OS? This is essential. Here it should be found.

That was the point. Now all is working fine again.
Really thanks for your help.

Cheers from Spain.