My Lidl Pony

Synthesizer Improvisation performed on a ‘Nord Stage 88 Classic’ & ‘HALion Sonic’. Created using Cubase Artist 6 software. Composer - Paul David Seaman (2013).

First time having triggered HALion from my Nord so had a few Timing and Latency issues. And i should have used a click-track.

LH Organ = Nord Organ Bass.

RH Organ = HALion Sonic Percussion Organ.
My Lidl Pony.mp3 (1.44 MB)

You have some very good playing skills but this doesn’t sound like a song yet. Sounds like a demo of your set up which sounds good.

Yeah agree with iluvstrats…you can clearly play but seems like your just messin about (wish I could mess about so well) you said it’s work in progress so…more to come? Kevin