My list again

The Cubase 8.5 lists are in a bit of an uproar over the direction of the latest paid update and SB have assured users they are embarking on another review of what users need fixed vs new features…

Hopefully they’ll include Nuendo in that review so I thought I’d relist my needs, which I think are relevant to an app dedicated to AV workflow rather than music creation… Though not necessarily.

More than one time line per project… like the old Arrange pages. It would be great to bundle ‘scenes’ in a single document and move elements between them.

A simple and quick way to move selected event/s to alternate tracks. Select an event , right click, have a ‘move to…’ drop down with all tracks listed.

Copy paste effects inserts between tracks

Duplicate a track with all its settings/inserts, sends but no content ( with out setting up a macro to do it!)

Multiple copy buffer slots ( there are third parry solutions but I want a native internal solution which remembers its contents with the Project )

In addition to Track name a TAG field to assign Dialog, FX, Shot size etc…

A way to sort Tracks in the project by name, date modified, Tag, …

Main output level meters in the project window that aren’t the mixer with everything hidden.

Convert audio to project sample rate when importing AAF bundles.

Export mix to the reference Video file.

Spectral editing.

A Smart edit tool

Fluid, intuitive Ripple editing on single or multiple tracks.

Note nothing here is to do with audio quality, auto conforming, ADR, routing, or fancy stuff … It’s all just basic workflow assists. Boring for developers trying to make ‘Creativity First’ , but from where I sit there’s just a lot of work to get done and I want it to be as frictionless as possible.