My list of problems with 6.0.3

Here’s my list of problems with 6.0.3 on OS X

  1. Activating the metronome causes glitching when recording audio or midi

  2. Graphics bugs have returned, eg the playback head freezes

  3. Cubase has frozen/crashed on me several times when switching apps and returning to cubase. Audio playback continues but the graphics don’t update and the software freezes.

  4. Minor graphics corruption on the export window

I’ve gone back to 6.0.2 which seems to be much more stable.

I second issue #2 and #3. Have had these happen to me as well. #1 and #4 haven’t noticed yet.

(Jiggling dice in hand) Come on lucky number 0.4… :wink:

  1. I now cannot use Reaktor at all, as it seems to revert to the first preset whenever I choose a different one.