My Little Pony Trance: Now with filters!

Cubase Elements: no sidechain and only 16 midi tracks. Darn. I still got by though, and make this MLP themed Trance song:
The first time I rendered this track it was without any post-editing at all. In other words it sounded horrible - way too much reverb and glorious clipping everywhere. I was frantically trying out different midi effects and found the filter, which allowed me to mostly fix it all up. It did end up sounding muddy by itself (first two instruments) but fit excellent with the rest of the track and got rid of some clipping and reverb issues. Tell me what you think!

more good stuff from you, really good modern sound, particularly like the pads, Kevin

Ha ha thanks one of the only good ones I have…

so which pad was it ?

I believe it is Synth Strings 2 (HS). For the bridge I used on top of that a pad from prolouge called “New Hope”

Yeah it sounds good. Kinda surprised you managed to get this sound without sidechain at all.
It clips at 1:14 I think, but I like the song!

well, I aint got either of them…I wonder why ?