My Mac Pro not recognized my dongle when i boot on Win7

I have a Cubase 7.5 (last version)and i have a problem with the USB eLicenser dongle.
My computer is a Mac Pro Quadcore 2.8 (mid2010) and i use OSX Mavericks and Windows 7 (via boot camp).
When i use my USB key on OSX Maverick , all is ok.
But when i use the USB key on Windows have problem.
When i turn on, my Mac , the USB key led switch on , but when start to boot on Windows 7 after 5 sec the USB eLicenser LED switch off … and Cubase 7.5 does not recognized key.
I have a solution but sure is not the right.Any time which i boot on Windows 7 (ultimate service pack 1) , must to disconnect my Cubase USB key eLicenser from my Mac USB port and reconnect again and then windows recognize the key and swich on and operate with my Cubase 7.
I check my USB ports inside (enable-disable) and all is ok. What can i do to solve this problem.
Any time which i turn on my Mac Pro on windows ,
must disconnect and connect the USB eLicenser to recognize the key…
Thank you in advance.


Aloha m,

Kinda sounds like some posts I have been reading about PC users having to
unplug and re-plug in USB keyboards to get the OS/Cubase to ‘see’ them.

And it seems like you have found the same work-a-round for your dongle.

Funny tho’, AFAIK no other Mac user (running Boot Camp) has reported this.

Good Luck!

Same problem here, 2008 mac pro. Always works on mac partition, has never been recognized on windows 7. Very frustrating!!
Any solution???