My machine won't run Cubase 11 - how to I upgrade Artist 10.5 to Pro 10.5?

I have a real problem. Last summer I bought and installed Cubase Artist 10.5 and slowly got my head around it.

However, it’s become obvious that several of the features I would like to use are only available on the Pro version, so last week I went to upgrade, only to find Cubase Pro 10.5 is no longer available and I must upgrade to Cubase Pro 11.

Fine, I’ll do that, I thought, then discovered Cubase 11 will only run on OSX from Mojave up — and my MacBook cannot be updated even to (from High Sierra) to Mojave, and I don’t want to spend several hundred pounds on software I can’t use. That’s my problem.

I’ve scoured the Steinberg for ways still to upgrade to Pro 10.5 but I can’t find any. Can anyone at Steinberg advise and help me? I would upgrade to Pro 10.5 in a second (and thus boost Steinberg’s profits) if I could but how.

I’ll repeat: I WOULD upgrade to Cubase Pro 11, but it wouldn’t work on my machine. That’s the only reason I’m cautious. Oh, and I don’t have the money to buy a younger machine.


you can’t upgrade to 10.5 any more - even if you get a licence from a reseller that says “10.5” as Steinberg always gives the latest version when you active the licence…which is “A Good Thing” - (trust me!)

The good news is that a C11 licence will allow you to run any of the previous version…right the way back to the Stone Ages.

So if you upgrade to V11 Pro you can just install and run 10.5 - the downloaders are here if you need them: