My (made in Cubase 4) album won an award :)


Just wanted to let you know that my “Mysterious Garden” album made it into
“Best Electronic Albums – 2012” of New Age Music World!
Here is an article:

And “Mysterious Garden” album to listen to:


Hi Julian,

Congratulations !

I visit the New Age World website almost daily, still a big New Age music fan here.

Great Work !

Who are your favorite New Age musicians these days , (i.e. New artists ?)

Talking about the New Age music scene these days.

How is the New Age music scene in 2013 ? Still as popular as it used to be in the 80’s 90’s , and early 2000’s ?

What are your predictions for the future of the New Age genre ? how much has it changed ? is it changing to something else ? going in new directions ? … ?

It would be very interesting to hear your comments about this.


Well done…must’ve worked hard to bring this to fruition…no pun intended…beautiful stuff…Kevin

Thanks Muziksculp !

My Favorite Artists… Well, it’s difficult to say… I do not listen much to avoid influence :slight_smile:
What I appreciate most is an originality and innovation. From this point of view I would love to see New Age music, broadening it’s own horizons.

I think as far as we interested in something more than just an ordinary life - New Age music will be popular to please our senses and sparkle our imagination :slight_smile:

I think New Age music is still very popular and as World is slowly moving to a Green and Holistic Way of Life - New Age music will just follow and I hope new names and new vision will appear and keep New Age genre alive.

What do you think about it ?


Thank you Kevin !