My Maudio Project Mix faders do not work in Cubase Elements 12, but work in version 5

When i open a project in Cubase Elements v12 my MAUDIO Project Mix is seen, initializes, transport controls and
pan controls work fine, but if I touch ANY faders, they go directly to ZERO and are unresponsive.
But, the mouse can move them from the onscreen mixer!

If I load the same project file in Cubase v5, everything works perfectly!.
I have tried re installing the driver with Win7 compatibility, did not help.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Is the driver 64-bit at all?

Yes, definitely.
It works in Cubase 5 on the same machine, no glitches. It’s only in Cubase Elements 12 that I have the problem.


You could run Cubase 5 as 32bit.

It somehow rings the bell to me. If I remember correctly, it stopped to work at some point because of the driver.

Well, that makes some sense!
I guess unless someone writes an updated 64 bit driver that’s where it stays for now.