my microphone would suddenly not work in Cubase LE 5

Hey I wondered if it had been possible to get some help from anyone with a small
thing ? I have cubase le 5 on my Alesis mixer and a NT1 - A Red
Microphone that has worked great. I’v always used it only with my headphones, So the other day i sat it up with headphones and my krk 6 speakers and it was ok.
So I satt downe to use it again the day after,
but without the krk speakers(i plugd them out) just my headphone like i always do and then the mic would not funktion.
it’s like the mic isent on. when i try to record vocals now it’s only recording the other audio track (the song i’v try to sing to) ! I used almost all
week and a little today to find out what has happened but i cant figure it out .
The mic is active in device setup and all of that, and everything is as it should be.

all of this hapend afther i tryd to export a song, can I might have pressed a preset buttons to mute or turn the mic off without knowing it or something ?

Pleaze help me !!!

Well, someone with a big thing here (of course :mrgreen: ), but nevertheless…
-Make sure, you have phantom power activated on your microphone mixer channel.
-Make sure, your Cubase VST-connections are set up correctly
-Make sure the correct input bus is selected on the track, you want to record to
-Make sure your monitor routing is correct

What is monitor routing ? :stuck_out_tongue:

The way you manage the audio monitoring (i.e. listening to the audio siganl you want to record or have recorded already) depending on the mixer and settings, your you might monitor a different input or signal path. Little bit hard to explain…
The fact that it´s recording the previous already recorded song seems to imply, you´re looping things from your computer through the mixer back into the computer. And the microphone signal is not routed correctly to the computer.