My MIDI keyboard is not on the list


Im a new user, so sorry if this topic has been created before!

I’ve recently bought an Edirol PC-50 MIDI keyboard and I want to add it into Nuendo 4. I found a tutorial on how to do it on YouTube, which says I have to locate my MIDI keyboard on the “Install device” list, but the keyboard is not on the list and there is no sound registered when I create a MIDI track…

What do I do in this case?

Thank you

The MIDI Device Manager is generally for mapping commands to popular workstation keyboards and MIDI controllers that have lots of commands and require further customization. Usually plugging in a device before Cubase boots [assuming keyboard drivers are installed and up to date] should be sufficient to establish the device as a MIDI input for triggering VST’s.

It seems that keyboards that most people buy are never on the list of any DAW. The problem isn’t limited to Cubase.