My midi keyboard is not working with any plugins!

i have halion sonic and the grand… if i open halion and clcik on a sound, although im pushin keys on my midi, still no sound comes out, i tried pushing direct monitor still donest, work. if open halion sonic on its own not in cubase project, then it does work to play from my midi, but in cubase it doenst work and the vhord pads dont either work, HELP!!!

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How is the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs setup, please?


To me it looks like you are using the integrated audio device. Am I right?

thats just what is set now, but usally i use stseinberg driver and still doenst work


If you use Steinberg Audio Device, change the ASIO Driver in the Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System > ASIO Driver.

i do do that, and still doesnt work

it works on the halion app on my desktop but when i use haion in a cubase project then it doesnt work


I can see The Grand 3 instrument, not HALion Sonic. Are you sure the MIDI data arrive to the track?

i just showed that as a sample, doesnt rk either with halion.


Are you sure the MIDI data arrive to the track?

YES I am sure

STANDALONE WORKS I think i might have pushed a setting to make it only work standalone


How, please?

It has nothing to do with the standalone.

ok so what do i do?

Did you check Audio Connections yet?

yes i just did

what happened after that? Do you know how to check if your midi keyboard signal is actually reaching Cubase?

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