My mixer interface is controlling pitch and not volume

I am not very familiar with midi some settings must have been changed by mistake or reset. I recoded a instrument channel using a studiologic sl880 keyboard and then went to change the volume of the track and the fader is changing the pitch not the volume. I am desperate here if someone can suggest an answer or even a book to help me with midi I would be most grateful. thanks Paul

Hi and welcome to the forum,

To me it sounds the controller supports Mackie Control Protocol (which is using:

  • Pitch Bend at channel 1 to control Volume of Channel 1
  • Pitch Bend at channel 2 to control Volume of Channel 2
  • Pitch Bend at channel 8 to control Volume of Channel 8
  • Pitch Bend at channel 9 to control Volume of Output Channel)

In this case open the Studio > Studio Setup and add the Mackie Control Remote Device. Set the Input Port of the Mackie Control. Don’t forget to disable the “In All MIDI Inputs” option in the Studio Setup > MIDI Ports Setup.

Thanks very much Martin I will give this a try when I get home later, much appreciated.

Hi Martin thanks for this info but this issue has happened again and I cant seem to fix it , could you expand on what to do, I have done both of the steps that you advise here but still whenever I move the slider in this project the pitch changes along with the volume at the same time. My midi keyboard is not connected only the R16 audio interface is connected to the computer. Thanks Paul


Could you attach screenshots, please?

Hi Martin I will when I get home this evening thanks for the reply, cheers Paul