My monitors starts to crack

When i open my cubase, the sound is allright for 5 minuten, then it starts to distort the sound and it want go away anymore.

Yesterday i deleted the drivers and reinstlsled it and then it was fixed for 20 hours untill i reboot the computer, started cubase and it was fine for 5 minuten and now everything is fucked again. I got a mr816x with 2 behringer momitors help me

Windows or Mac?
Which C-9 version?
Are you sure that it’s related to the hardware?

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Windows 10, cubase 9.5

I dont know never had this problrm

so your system worked in the past, with the same settings?
Or did you changed something before this happened?

No nothing changed, yesterday it worked well all day, and today when i started cubase it worked also fine for 5 minutes and then everything cracks again

Is your device a laptop? Try another USB port… would be my first idea…

Maybe your Windows applied an update?

This is not it im hopeless

Did you changed your buffer settings?
Is your device a laptop?