My MR816 Is Working Perfectly

For some unknown reason, my MR816 is working perfectly and my setup is exactly what we’re told not to use.

There are no pops, drops, nothing -very smooth operation and a real pleasure to use. I’ve almost forgotten about the problems. Now when I turn it on, I get right to work - don’t spend any time fiddling with anything.

Computer: Dell XPS Studio
Chipset: Richo 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller
Firewire Connector: Onboard 4 pin

Windows 7, 64 bit
Windows experience index 5.9
I7 1.73 GHZ processor
4 gig of ram

Mcafee virus software is always on

Wireless card is generally turned off while working in cubase.

I do have a TX 6 pin pciexpress card, but I don’t find any difference in the performance or stability between the two.

You’re a lucky boy.

I don’t think I have a recording studio any more - it just seems to be a place where I vainly attempt to get bits of gear to work together on a repeatable basis! - It’s a first class inspiration killer.