My MR816 Units are locked in 96Khz

Hello all,

I have a MR816CSX and 2 MR816X units. Since a long time I am using them in 44.1Khz. Recently I worked on a project with some 96Khz recorded files.

Since then, when the 3 units are switched on, the two first ones are going automatically to 96Khz and the third one is constantly searching the sample rate. When I go on the MR program and try to switch them back to 44, they always come back to 96Khz.,

Now, when I switch off (power) the third one, they would eventually come back to 44.1Khz and work normally. As soon as the third one is back on then it gets crazy again.

I tried to hard reset the units but this does not change that. Is there a way to resolve this problem as i want to work most of the time in 44.1Khz.



Mac Pro 14Gb / Nuendo 6.0.7