My music frames keep adding a layout text frame that I don't particularly want

Is there some filter or other thing I have to enter to get rid of this text frame? Its the Layout number and name. I just want to show the vocal ranges for the 4 characters but it keeps adding this text frame that ruins the spacing. I can delete it manually and resize on the page itself but I would rather have a uniform page that just works automatically. Below is what I am going for but I had to delete those text frames and adjust after the fact. Thanks in advance!

I can’t see the offending text frames, but it sounds like you’re actually referring to the flow name and flow number, which would point the finger at the mysterious automatic text frames being flow headings?

If your musical excerpts on this page are in page template frame chains (their frame chain ID starting with e.g. MA or MJ, rather than LA or LJ), then they’ll show flow headings if your Layout Option is set to show flow headings.

You can suppress flow headings on individual pages by using a flow heading change.

If you don’t mind a little unsolicited proofreading observation, you left off the ‘d’ in ‘unstaged’ for the Karl voice double.

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I just had a small heart attack from unlinking the music frames and losing the entire 90-minute opera. I’m just gonna adjust manually for now but thank you everyone for your help!

Oh no!

If you make sure that your First/Default page templates use one frame chain, and your custom page template on which you’re showing these examples use another, everything should be fine. Remove your “real music” flows from your “examples” frame chain, and vice versa remove the example flows from the “real music” frame chain.

Work on a copy of your file.

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