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yeh like come with me,good tune,i dont know if you wanted it to sound right up close a bit like chile peppers sort of thing ,i could hear this in a live room type sound, dont know what you think. realy good reminds me of the stones.

WTF? John Fogerty posting at Cubase? :smiley:
Reminded me of Creedence, Russ. Nice playing. Thought the vocal got a bit buried from time to time but other than that, excellent work :sunglasses:

Thank you…

All my friends tell say Fogerty when they hear it.

Thanks for the compliments!

Very nice – cool guitar lick. My only slight nit is the hi-hat sounds a tad robotic/fake in the quiet parts. Now if you tell me it’s a real drums and player… :laughing:

thanks for the compliments and constructive criticisms. I intend to do this over in a different key, so the criticism are certainly welcome!