My Neural DSP plugins do not register their On/Off state between sessions

I am using some guitar amp simulations from various editors more and more, having them setup as inserts in a same guitar amp bus where I activate one and de-activate others according my needs.
I just discovered that each time I reopen my project, the Fortin Cali Suite and the Archtype Rabea are activated, even when I saved the project before closing with these two de-activated.
The Softtube, Bogren, TwoNotes plugins are behaving correctly.
Does someone here could confirm this problem. It certainly appears as a bug on the NeuralDSP side but I am surprised they have not fixed this, because these plugins are not totally new ?
Does someone could confirm the problem, or explain what I am doing badly ?

Briefly checked on my systems (both Mac and PC), I can confirm that behaviour for the Fortin Cali as well as for Nameless, NTS, Darkglass Ultra, which are as old as the Fortin Cali.

Note that it does not happen with the Nameless X and Soldano X which have been recently updated or with the Mesa MKII, which was released more recently.

I’m under the impression they are updating the whole line to their current “standard”. Fantastic plugins, by the way.