My new album...and farewell

Today sees the release of my sixth album, Between The Earth and Sky.
It is dedicated to my brave and graceful lady Tso Po Lin.
She has been my muse and my reason for making music, and today is her birthday.

The 10 tracks were recorded over the last year and a half, with the exception
of the final song, which was an on-going project for well over a decade.
Ironically, it was originally meant to be the opening track of my first album,
but Fate decided that it was to be the closer on this one. Symmetry.

The album contains two previously unpublished tracks.

The opening track Foreign Land was in fact an unexpected by-product
of a never-completed collab with Lenny. I’d like to thank him for giving me the chance to be inspired to write the
words and melody, and for allowing me to reclaim them from that time and to use them here.

On Not Enough you’ll hear the dulcet tones
of Wim Koopman—but this time singing, not saxing—along with my lovely sister Maree.
I thank them for their wonderful input into this project, and for Maree’s husband (and my best friend) Ken Whitton
for engineering the vocal session with her in Sydney.

This album is also my last and marks my departure from music forums and from the Cubase community.

I’ve had a great eight years here and I want to thank everyone I’ve interacted with and who supported, assisted, instructed, inspired
or challenged me. There were many, many of you. Countless, in fact. I have fond memories of you all.

I’m very much indebted to those generous players who contributed to all my previous recordings,
especially Alex, Joe, Peter, Wim, Dave, Felix and Taylor.

Thanks too to all those other posters whose music I enjoyed over the years. It was
great to listen to, critique and appreciate your work. Some of your CDs are in my collection.

To those I was privileged to collaborate with on their own projects, cheers for having me part of your work.

Also, I will remember the Cubasers I was lucky enough to meet in person.
Thanks for finding the time to hook up and to share your time with me, and some
have been correspondents and friends via email or letter. I will stay in touch.

Thank you one and all for an unforgettable part of my life.

A lot of Cubase people simply disappear, but I wanted to say “Farewell”.

Best wishes to you all.


Congratulations Jet!
And sadly also goodbye. :frowning: Your contributions here have been substantial and consequently will be missed by many I am sure. Certainly I have always appreciated your fine ear and musical aesthetic, you’ve written some of my favourite songs and penned some of my all time favourite lyrics. Your music and production has always been an inspiration and even now I still recall your first song post in this forum and at the time being completely mesmerized by your voice. I’ve been a fan ever since. I very much value the collaborative work we’ve done in the past and there’s no doubt in my mind that your feedback and input, which at times has certainly challenged me, has made me a much better musician and producer - so I would like to thank you for that.

“Start From Zero” has been playing in my car recently and I now look forward to adding “Between The Earth and Sky” to my much loved Pearldivers collection.

Take care Jet.


Your wonderful music has been something of a benchmark around here, IMO… not only was it superb in the technical sense – performance, tracking, and mixing – it was so incredibly expressive, insightful, and, most of all (for lack of a better term) – so robustly human. I will miss hearing new offerings from you, but I’ll always have all of your CD’s to turn to.

But, beyond that, I will miss even more Jet the man… and Jet the ever-reliable gentleman. A confession: your maturity and decency crossed my mind more than once when I found myself in the midst of any number of pointless Internet brouhaha’s, because your silence during such nonsense was deafening, to me anyway. The image in my mind of you walking into the pizza place on the Lower East Side will endure until it’s all over – how thin you were, I thought to myself… and then it occurred to me that you WERE from the Orient, after all, where most people eat to live, instead of live to eat like we do over here :laughing: . I will also always remember that it was hotter than a motherf#@*%er in NYC that night

Change is a part of life, so I tip my hat to you as you depart these environs… no explanation necessary. But one thing that will never change is my respect, admiration, and love for you… yfc :laughing:


hey jet, congrats on finishing another chapter of your musical journey, and, happy birthday to your best friend and great lady. although I’ll miss your candid thoughts and off colour humour :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing: I’m a firm believer that things change and move on because they’re meant to, some call it fate I guess. all the best to you both and your son, wish you continued success in whatever the next chapter is.

Sorry to see you go, I hope you are well and I wish you a long and happy life…Kevin

A farewell?!? Wow, I didn’t see that one coming… :open_mouth:

You’ll be missed here, Jet… :frowning:

But I respect your decision and wish you and Popo all the best.
Thanks for your help, input, humour and especially your friendship over all these years.

We’ll keep in touch, I’m sure, and I just know we’ll meet again in person one day.
‘Don’t know where, don’t know when…’

Goodbye my friend, and happy birthday to Popo.

All the best,

BTW, your new CD is another gem (or should I say ‘pearl’?..) and I’m honoured to be (a small) part of it. :sunglasses:

I don’t check the Made With Cubase subforum often, but I’m glad I did.

Jet: you will be missed. Plain and simple. I can’t imagine that there’s a simple explanation for why you’re departing because I know how much music is intertwined with the core fiber of your being, but I know that it wasn’t a trivial decision for you. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and I will always remember the occasion that we had to meet in lower Manhattan while you were here visiting last year.

Is there any chance of convincing you to get on Facebook so I can at least say hi from time to time?

All the best Jet,

I’ve always enjoyed listening to your music and always appreciated your comments.

Enjoy the rest of the adventure,


I assume you won’t see this but, very much enjoyed your work and insights.

A little Longfellow for your journey…
“Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.”

Enjoy your life and journey.

Sad to see you go Jet, many thanks for the valuable feedback you’ve always provided.
Your mixes are still the best of all posted here! :sunglasses:


I can only echo all the good things said so far!

You have my complete understanding and respect.

You are a great man, great friend, great musician and a true gentleman,

This is an amazing album for an amazing and beautiful lady!

Happy birthday, Popo x

As always, my best to you both.


I haven’t listened to the new tracks yet, as I was out of town… hope all is well. I certainly play your last album a lot, so looking forward to the new. It’s mysterious, but I hope if you’re ever back on this planet, you’ll stop by and say hello to us all, who have enormous respect for you as a musician and mentor. Best wishes.

Best wishes and thanks for the great tunes… hope I am not too late! :sunglasses:

What? No!
But if that’s the way you want it, then that is what it is.
Life is a strange place.
Anyway … good luck! :sunglasses:


It has been, and I hope continues to be for the remainder of our time on this rock, a GREAT honor to know you good Sir!

As Always, Best Wishes To You and Yours,

The new tracks we haven’t heard are fabulous… downloaded the album. Really enjoying it.