My new album "Restore faith"

I like to share my new album with you. Please feel free to tell me your opinion about it. :slight_smile:

Restore faith
Life is all about believing in someone or something. If we were believers, we would relieve the stress we all feel these days. It’s so damn hard to stay optimistic and hopeful in a world full of bad news. To trust or to believe has the power to change our worldview, which gives us back hope, optimism and strength. That is all we need to change our world and thus to make the most of this current global crisis.
Believe in God, Buddha, Tao, Yoga, a spiritual guide, a higher power, in destiny and in our creative power within us. There is no better or worse belief. It is about the same source of energy that everyone feels within themselves. Hidden somewhere in us and maybe deep in our soul, but it is there.
At present, a person can lose faith in the good of the world as well as in the good in the world. This current turning point affects all of human existence. Climate change, global armed conflicts, more and more dictators, egomania and egoism, cracking down on resistance, dismantling of freedom and democracy, intellectually impoverished or confused crowds, environmental disasters, … and last but not least the corona virus have changed my beliefs, if not even shaken. In addition, there were personal blows of fate and health problems and so my world darkened.
In this environment and the different moods and atmospheres in the first half of 2021, “Restore faith” was created. A concept album on which I musically describe my emotions and feelings. With a little pride, but also a healthy dose of uncertainty and nervousness, I am now introducing this album to the public. I am very curious to see which images and reactions “Restore faith” will trigger.
There are a total of 12 pieces of different lengths, all of which were recorded with VST instruments and one or the other field recording. From a purely technical point of view, except for the “Valhala Supermassive” plug-in, it was recorded and mastered completely with the instruments and effects of Cubase Artist 11. The cover, inspired by a photo of an old, abandoned church in France, was designed by myself.
I dedicate this album to my wife, who with her faith, love and optimism always manages to stand by all other people and me as an angel. She is the proof that it is right to keep the faith and fight every day not to damage it or even to lose it.
I love you, Kerstin Dankert.

released July 3, 2021

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Thank you!

Hi Joerg, or Kerstin, there’s a lot to absorb in this. Yet, I applaud you this massive undertaking. I’m going to keep listening, but thanks for posting.

Thank you for your kind words. I always love to hear and read, what my music is leading to. Emotions, memories,…

Found your bandcamp album. Short listening in … I would love to play guitar. :slight_smile: Nice jazzy songs.