My new EQ !

5 band, custom, stereo ganged, bypass per band, +/-6dB / +/-12 dB per band, gain trims I/O, 6/12dB octave shelf.
not a single potentiometer in the box.(stepped switched controls throughout) Design based on a classic equalizer from the 1970’s, awesome.
SafeandSound Mastering EQ 80kb.jpg

And another shot… of the switches… the man who made it was a patient fellow.
Switches BG.JPG

“A patient fellow”??? Looks really sloppy. Must have not taken more than an hour…

…seriously though, nice!

Looks cool mate!


What does it sound like?

Well I don’t want to jump too soon as I think it takes quite a while before you get to know a bit of kit.
I explain it in terms of 2 other bits of kit I have heard, the MP and The Crane Song Ibis.

It has a smoother top than the MP and mids as good IMO, and the MP’s mids are good.
I actually dislike the IBIS throughout, I just don’t get what part of it is worth £3,500.00?

It has a 3d quality which some plugins do not quite have (it can change a stereo image fairly significantly), it is the music as opposed to on top of it. Makes plugins seem like they are working in parallel. I am quite level headed about this analogue business, lol. No analogue anything is a panacea for a sh*tty mix and it gets boring to read endlessly about analogue as if it was instant “industry sucesss” if you use it over GS to be honest.
Some of the thinnest , harshest sounding mixes I have worked with were proudly “recorded through an analogue desk”, monitoring through what ? A single subwoofer? lol !

Very nice to have per band full bypass, all bands bypass, 6dB/12dB octave slopes on the top shelf. +/-6dB or +/- 12dB gain attenuation option per band (it is suprising how little 6dB sounds like when someone mixed in a completely untreated room) and I/O trims which I requested as some fairly hot stuff might be seen at the inputs. It is based loosely on a T-filter design as used in the old Sontec designs albeit with modern opamps. Top quality electronics components throughout, Panasonic FM caps, WIMA caps, polystyrene and NPO ceramics very well built and wired, I will do an inside shot soon.

It’s good and as time moves on I am sure I will understand more, as always.