My new favourite GATE..

…is the Nuendo/Steinberg GATE.

Nuendo GATE now features a RANGE control which allows for you to set the gate floor. (I think it was introduced for v 6.5…)

I’d requested this earlier and was excited to see it that Steinberg had added this feature. Out of all the gates from various vendors that I own, this gate is the best for me.

Thank you Steinberg!!! :smiley:

I’ve tried a bunch of gates the stock Steinberg gate (or the one in the Dynamics plug)has been the best for me.


No way, I get lots af artefcts whe I try to use this gate.
The eareckon, even their free one is much, much better, and in my templates on every track as first insert.

My go to gate/expander used to be the UAD 88rs channel strip.
I find I’m using the SB gate more and more now since the range function was added.
Very handy indeed.

Hi Robin,

thanks for your feedback. Good to hear that you like it!


ill tell ya ,ive been messing around with the strip section…and its kicking ass…theres nothing u cant do with it…i love the trans and magneto…ass kicking!!!