My new guitar

Hi there people
I just had to chime in with this

This gentlemen; is the best axe I’ve played ever!
And since yesterday it is paid for and mine

It is all a Fender American strat should be but better.

I just use guitars… use them to my liking but with the Duesenberg Roger I fell in love again, haha.

Kim :slight_smile:

What I meant by that is: it is so “big” compared to my Ibanez guitars. It is like the guitar has a soul and sound of its own and I want to conquer it
I thought I was over this, but alas no :slight_smile:


Looks like a beauty. Hope you enjoy it!

lets hear it!!!

Will do :slight_smile:

With this guitar I can find the real me, not just some plastic representation
For the first time since 1995 (when my son was born) I feel hope again

Kim :slight_smile:

That’s great that you’ve found a guitar which inspires you! Can’t wait to hear it.
Is yours also sunburst w/ rosewood neck?

Thank you Lenny, and yes ny new guitar has the tobacco sunburst finish


Great stuff Kim!

Time for some

and then for some …


Looks great, congratulations :smiley:

That’s a beautie Kim! Have fun taming the beast! :sunglasses:

So what’s taking so long with the audio sample??! :slight_smile:


Very nice, Kim! :sunglasses:
I know just how you feel, I felt the same when I bought my Selmer Mark VI three years ago.
It’s an inspiring horn and it hasn’t let me down yet. I love playing it! :sunglasses:

Have fun with it! :slight_smile:


Looks great Kim. I’ll keep my eye on that company.
Still can’t hear the sustain from here? Are you afraid to play it or something? :smiley:


Hi there people and thank you for commenting
There was some significant fret noise on the Roger even with pretty heavy tuning/fixing of the guitar so I regretfully returned it.
I really loved the feel of that guitar :frowning:
But… I bought another guitar.
Better in almost all respects:
1: 22 frets instead of 21 (try playing a high tone/note fast lead on a 21 fret guitar if you are used to 22 or 24 you will end up on the wrong notes from time to time, hehe)
2: hard case included
3: HSS configuration instead of SSS. And to my joy the humbucker in this guitar is not a beefy heavy metal one. Merely a good sounding humbucker that you can use for just about anything depending on the amp you use it on

The guitar I finally settled on was this:

I just could not pay 8000nok with discount for a guitar that had all these fret probs.
So I ended up paying 10 000 nok instead for a Fender American deluxe

I got 5000 nok off on the retail price.

Retail here for that Fender is 15000+
I got it for 9995

Now I am happy

Kim :slight_smile:

I eagerly await hearing some of your fine finger-style playing on that dude!

Sorry to hear about the fret noise problem of the Roger…

But this one looks very schweet! Enjoy! :smiley:


ffffffffffffff … er


This guitar, apart from the scratchplace, is IDENTICAL to my first guitar which got stolen when I was burgled about 20 years ago. B E A Utiful!


Hi Kim,

How are you getting on with your new axe?

Ive been working my **** off lately trying to save for a new guitar, and today I went out and came home
with one of these
REally happy with it! :smiley:
Right now its sitting in it’s stand calling me, begging me to pick it up, but I have to go out soon, and im out all day tomorrow. I know if I pick it up now I won’t be seen for at least 24 hrs, so im having to resist! :frowning: :frowning:

anyways, just wanted to share my good news :smiley:

All the best