My "new" guitar

…is a 1950 National “Dynamic” lap steel. :smiley:

“This is a private album” :frowning:

Congrats on the acquisition Jet! :sunglasses:

Happy Birthday Neil! :wink:


sweet …


Can’t access the piccies Jet :frowning:

Well that was annoying. Album should be public now.


Is a lap steel what David Gilmour uses?

Aloha and beautiful ax.

Wonder if a hex pick-up could be mounted to trigger MIDI
into Cubase?

Very cool! :sunglasses:

It’s beautiful, Jet! I love the look of the fretboard! :sunglasses:

Very nice pictures. “Patents Pending” made me chuckle a little. I assume it will be featured in your next song?

Oh, they’ve already done better than that! :wink:

It’s certainly what I use. :laughing:

Oh yeah, schmick-o-la. :smiley:

Already in da can. :wink:

Thank you good sir! :slight_smile:

Public now Neil! :smiley:

So sweet my teef are rotting. :mrgreen:

Access all areas now Phil! :wink: