My new instrumental song " Silent Sin"

Hello everybody!

Few days ago i just finished my new track that i was working long time.

I wanted to limit myself only with the live instruments, i mean - no vst loops , no vst drums, no vst sounds. Only natural made loops and only real sounds.
Yes i used a lot of vst fx and tools, but all sounds were recorded with microphone.
In that song almost 80 tracks of different sounds , classical guitar , electric bass , ukulele , glockenspiel ,metal can , water in the bottle, hits of metal bars , scratches against the aluminum gril , pills in their plastic box,and more.
Do not get me wrong that i’m against of the vst instrument , i just wanted to make something new for me , experiment and create mistery ambience with natural sounds.

So, this is how was recorded that song.

Thank you for listen and I hope you will enjoy!

Enjoy it I did. Very nice piece.

I did something similar with one track on my last album,
100% "domestic items for all the percussion.

I liked all your sounds and the guitar parts.

I thought there was one part where the percussion was out of time
(about 1/4 the way in). The section where you almost fade out I
know sets the listener up for the final section, but perhaps you could
make that more a droning, pad-ish part. But that’s just my personal

Pearldivers - thank you for your opinion, im very glad that you like it.

Yes, there are some timing issues i know it.Somtimes it very subtle but they are there.
I know that excuses does not change anything , but i try to explain , some parts of the percussion were recorded with one take with no time wrap or quantizing tools, Im more guitar guy than loops or drums , so i tryed to make the best , but i have done like this :wink:
Some guitars parts i recorded more than 30 times untill i was quite satisfied , but for recording beats Im less patient and i have to discipline myself in that point to be more diligent.

Hi ruslan, I like the guitar playing, and the way you’re spreading parts on the channels. Also the natural sounds you are incorporating. Thanks for sharing it! I’m thinking Jet was hearing some timing issues at 1:16? The only other comment was I thought you were going into Stairway to Heaven at 3:41! Thanks for deviating away from that! Although I guess with the recent Led Zeppelin court ruling, it’s not an issue!

Hello again!

I just finished to make my video for this song. All video was recorded to mobile phone and later was edited.My elleven years old son was camera operator :slight_smile:

If somebody interested to see process of the recording in my home studio - you welcome :wink:

Thank you for watching!

So I just finished listening to this song then noticed the video at the bottom, a lot of effort in here but it’s worth it, it sounds excellent, sometimes I see or hear musicians and think yeah I’m not that good after all and still have a lot to learn, you are one of those guys, well done dude :smiley:


Very big thanks for your awesome feedback, i very appreciate it .

I realy tried to make it all as good as i could do. I’m not pro musician ( self tought ) and all my knowledges about mixing are from mixing books , Bobby Owsinski ,Roey Izhaki and others that you can buy in amazon.

So, every new mix i make , i try to do better than previous and i always have a doubts - if it sound right.

And best way to look to your mix, is just leave it for a while, may be a day or more even weeks . (Just go to play another song :wink: ) And when you going to listen your mix again with "fresh ears " you will find errors that you could not see yesterday or few days ago.
May be something is very over compress , may be something is to bright,dull,loud, shrill , frequency conflict . But you must be fast enough to fix those errors, because ear get used to the sound quickly and you again lost your objectivity. And leave the mix again, do not touch it. After few hours o days listen it again , probably you will be more happy with the result.
Pro mixers , do mix of one song 8 hours and next day they rectifier small errors and their mix is ready to mastering, but most of us here are not so good like them and we need more time for make our mixes.
But more important is enjoy of process and do not give up.
For me every song of other musician that i hear is a lesson of something.

Thank you again, Im very glad for your opinion.