My new little website...

with plenty of audio mastering info…

What is mastering?


hi barry

i think you need to make a few little tweaks (mostly from an aesthetic point of view):

all the numbered lists should drop the ), leaving just the number and a period, then a space before the text.

on the q&a page the questions need to be lifted out a bit from the answers, otherwise it just looks like a long rambling text. questions in bold (or italics).

numbers like 1000s (or 1970s, CDs, etc) are plurals and don’t need an apostrophe.

the pictures are all a little small. go big.

make it easy for your customers – you want people to email or phone you yet your email address and phone number are at the very bottom of only a couple of pages. i think it’s vital that you have your contact details in a visible place on every page.