My new obsession

So it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here but here’s a tune that’s been co written with my buddy chris, hope u like

Happy to hear more from you. It’s got a raw sound that I like. A good song. I hope you’ll post something sooner next time.

Nice song!

To my vision of the mix drums are too prominent and guitars are not very defined , sometimes very shrill acoustic guitar in right channel.
In solo section again , solo guitar behind the massive drums.
Voice sounds good.

But in general i like the song , good melody and enjoyable for listen.

I listened at least 4 times!

Nice job , thanks for share it. :wink:

Hey early21, it’s good to have something up after such a long time and we do have a few other songs but we wanna try figure out how to get an mp3 on Facebook before we go putting them out there and we recently started playing with a real drummer who is f@#king awesome and a bass player to, there is someone who also said they would sing for us till we find someone else, if all goes well there hopefully we can twist his arm to stay but we are focusing more on covers at the moment, I really liked the way this turned out tho and wanted someone to hear it :laughing:

Hey ruslan, 4 times eh, I’ll tell the lads we got our number one fan over here :laughing: the drums was something in the end I did question, there is more processing going on there than anywhere else, did use an ik multimedia quad imaging plug in on the master bus to try brighten up the track but maybe a little to much for the drums, mixing and mastering has never been something I’m good at but I’m alright with that, as long as you can here the song for what it’s ment to be I’m good, but like early21 says, there is something to be said for that rawness, maybe that’s why I don’t worry to much about sounding to professional, the biggest downfall there tho is having a consistent sound through different listening devices

Yes , i understand your way of thinking about rawness of the mix , sometimes i try to make some of my songs also more raw sounding than very polished. It is fine.

By the way , when Nirvana’s Nevermind was mixed , Kurt Cobain was angry :cry: about that mix , he was not happy at all with way how album was sound. :frowning:
Kurt wanted very RAW sound, but sound engineer did dirty , but clean , raw , but very defined at the same time. I hope you understand my metaphor.
And now in sound engineer schools and courses, teachers using this album (Nevermind) as an example of a good raw mix :wink: