MY new prog rock song

Hey guys,

I just finished my new song. IT has influences from bands like Tool, Dream Theater and Davin Townsend.
It’s very melodic song with unusual arrangement. Hope you’ll like it.


nice job!

Thank you ferencz!

I always want to hear more from you! I know that you run a studio that puts out a fabulous array of different styles somewhere in Eastern Europe, I am not sure where, but they are always very well mixed. Is this your own composition, and your own performance?

Enjoyed it very much; thanks for posting it!

Good stuff…good singing, same question as early21…is it you? I’m assuming it’s original as you say “my new song”

Thnx guys. :slight_smile: Yes, it’s me singing and playing everything. :slight_smile:

Early21: I am located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s more central Europe than eastern Europe. We are right next to Italy. :slight_smile:

so extra well done mate !!!

Being a Dream Theater fan I can definitely hear influences there. Overall I think it’s pretty cool. The guitar riffs are very tight rhytmically and the guitar has a nice sound too. I’d have really liked a Petrucci standard solo in there though. ;D

The thing that sounds very odd to me is just how incredibly dry the little interlude parts are with the piano and vocals. I like the actually harmonies on the those vocal parts but they sound really odd because of how dry they are. Sounds like a completely different mix to the main parts and for me it just doesn’t work solely because of that. The part at 3:05 sounds fine because the reverb sounds the same or close enough to the main sections. Other than that I thought the recording, mix and master all sound great. Though I would have liked the vocal harmony part to have built and progressed longer than it is currently to warrant it actually being there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t understand the vocals of course ( ;D ) but I think the actual singing is good, notably a nice control over sustain and vibrato. Well done overall with the performances of the instruments and the mix/master.

Great song. I like the guitar tones. Excellent guitar playing.
The vocals are fantastic, from the lead vocals to the harmonies.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks guys for your comments. :slight_smile:

Jonathan5456: Those two vocal parts are dry on purpose. I wanted to create really obvious contrast between powerful parts and those “vocals only” parts. It’s like voices telling me something on those parts and they have to be really in your face (or in your mind). :slight_smile:

Oh I see, then maybe it will work as intended in that case. :smiling_imp:

Nice job on all levels. Shame I don’t understand a word!


Thnx Sherz. :slight_smile:

Incredible production, love the lyric :laughing:

Thanks kzarider. :slight_smile: Maybe someday I’ll re-record the song with english lyrics. :wink:

very good performance,sounds like the finished sound of a good band,the mix is a little harsh though.