My new shiny software

So I sat down last night ready to give my new, shiny Dorico a test drive. Nothing major, just three instruments. It wasn’t easy, figuring out how to input stuff, wasn’t as easy as the videos suggested and the help file was pretty hopeless. Nevertheless I worked at it and after half an hour I had six bars written - even though I could work out how to input a double dotted note. (i did try googling but the advice posted at various places wouldn’t work for me) Anyway, I clicked on play … and got a Dorico has stopped working message. Oh what joy. I restarted Dorico only to find I had no way of recovering my work. A half an hour of my life lost, never to be seen again. Thanks so much Steinberg for selling me an underperforming and unstable product - smart move guys. Shame you don’t offer refunds - another smart move I guess. Fortunately I didn’t uninstall Sibelius. I’m now a wiser and poorer guy. Ho hum.

I’m sorry to hear that your first experience with Dorico wasn’t as easy as you’d hoped.

We’ve fixed a lot of bugs in the upcoming update release, including ones related to playback. In the meantime we’d still be very keen to get a crash log from you to help fix your issue.

The instructions for capturing crash dumps can be found on the FAQ post.

If you have any specific questions on note input we’ll do our best to help and there are lots of friendly folks on this forum who have achieved great results with Dorico that can give you the benefit of their experience.

So sorry Mole that you’ve had such a negative experience! I think a lot of folks came away disillusioned out of the gate, but I do believe it will come up quickly! Hang in there man; 't’will get better!

Ben, to you and the team madly working to fix all these flaming problems, hats off, thank-you, and the way you respond to people is incredibly kind, patient, and understanding. Thank-you, Daniel, and the rest of the team for being so awesome to people who are so cranky at times. I include myself in that group sometimes, so no disrespect Mole!

I accept that I need to persevere BUT the whole point of scoring software is to expedite the composing process NOT inhibit it. I simply cannot risk wasting time composing if the software cannot deliver my needs or if I risk losing my work. Until Dorico updates appear to remedy the many issues raised at this forum or that I have encountered the package is much to risky for me to use. I’ll have to stick with Sibelius until such time that Dorico can deliver. Sorry but software MUST help NOT hinder.

Did anyone really think they could switch to Dorico immediately and do whatever they had been doing for years with their previous program? That seems completely unrealistic to me.

Perhaps my expectations appear to be unrealistic to you but given the price of the package and the development time, any reasonable person would expect a greater level of completeness. We are not talking about cheap knock-off budget software here - it aims to compete with some serious high end packages. Should I assume that you consider the first release to be fit for purpose? (I suggest you read the forum posts before answering). Hopefully one day Dorico will be a force to be reckoned but that day lies some time in the future.

I’ve been following Daniel’s blog about this new program since the beginning so I went into this with eyes wide open. He’s really been more open. I’m also quite patient.