My New Single "Summer Love"

This is my New Single that made with Cubase5 , I hope you guys all enjoy it ~ Many thanks for listening in advance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice day~ :wink:

This song needs better sounds, the kit doesn’t sound too good, nor does the piano. I’d recommend some bass too to fill out the sound. Larry’s a little out of tune in places as well especially around 00:20 so maybe get him to sing it again.

We had a few dark rainy days here in Holland and today it’s stunningly sunny, I even went shopping without my coat here in Oktober. This song really fits my day.Thank you!!

Soundwise I find it a bit thick in the midrange and a in your face sound, As if you are singing to a karaoke midifile.
If I had this track on my hands it would be my starting point for eq and compressing, not at all the end result.
Also the vocals don’t 'sit’in the mix, enhancing the karaoke effect.

The piano part could be played more layed back, less staccato at some points, use a sustain pedal to make it more interesting. Hold back with one softer chord so the next part kicks in some more.
Don’t quantize the hell out of it.

Some more breaks and fills to introduce the different parts would be welcome.

Ehm, yes a lot of comments, but that’s because it’s a good song, and a good song deserves a nice mix.
It will not make the song better but definately gives a nicer listen experience.

Thanks for posting, Dylan.

I used cubase 5 build in piano from halion one and I think everyone has different taste of the kit sound , agree bass line can be better as you say to fill out , larry’s out of tune in 00:20 was a distortion actually , I did ask him to sing again but got worst so I keep the distortion one and trying to put distortion plugin to make it more like effected ,
Many thanks to your accurate comment :smiley: , I will keep up to work on it !!

I’m glad that my tune fits your day , and I will take all your comment and advise on mixing and arrangement . your comments are really useful and in many professional point of view , Many thanks to you and thanks for listening :smiley: